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I was wondering if to push some info about it now or wait until I get some progress down the road. I suppose that it could as well serve as a developer log, for myself and others.

This is a side-scrolling platformer project that originally intended to be based off of how Gameboy worked. With time however, I couldn't just limit myself to that and decided to expand on it some.

The idea? You are a knight set out to slay a dragon for the first time, but something goes awry along the way... And you befriend the dragon, instead. This game is probsbly my first real effort with using Godot Engine as a tool, but I'm enjoying what I can get with it thus far. (the artwork might be the hardest part for me tbh)

Some stuff I have managed to do thus far:
* A working tileset, character movement and a shader to give the game a desired style.
* Make the game window centered, along with options to scale it up and save in a config file.
* Seriously this is the thing I'm the most proud of so far.
* A normal map for the tile to make it react better to lights.
* In the end I expanded the original window size to twice it's size.

You can follow the progress on github:
I'll likely be posting more progress along the way, cheers!

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