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Hi guys, these past days I've been talking to someone important in the Godot community, we've been discussing the forums in it's current form.
One of the hot topics we talked about was that we both preferred Markdown as an input method over WYSIWYG, and we know it would bolster power users.
The key thing was how to get it done in such a way that would not kill the experience for new users, also considering the limitations of the current software. So I looked into it, and I think everything is set.

I'll be enabling Markdown in the editor soon, markdown offers inline ways of adding things, among other benefits.
Something as simple as `` can be a way for you to add your code, > for quotes, and >! for spoilers.
Using ``` ``` for instance allows for multi line codes.
As with the other one you can select a bulk of text and click on a button to apply it to every line.
There is a trade with this input that everything becomes manual, and you may have to watch your empty spaces, breaks, etc. And maybe custom edit them to get the formatting exactly the way you want.

For the most part it's more of the same, but what I need from you guys is for everyone to test it, and tell me if you prefer having this more programmer oriented input, over the text-editor like WYSIWYG input previously enabled.
Also, there likely wont be any changes in the form of the editor, it's either this one as is, or the previous one as is, those are the options.

Let us know what you think.

Note: be mindful that old posts will still be using their original style, so posts created with WYSIWYG will call the given editor and not the new one.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,048Admin
    edited September 2016

    As long as there is a preview button: I don't really care about wysiwyg.

    Also a nice thing about going with markdown is going from this forum to github issue tracker will be more seamless. :)

  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Godot Leader

    Thanks a lot for enabling Markdown in the editor, this will make my code contributions so much easier :D

  • snwflksnwflk Posts: 25Member

    I don't want to upset people around here, and there are users that I personally admire, and I don't want to make them feel bad. But I'm tearing my hair off each and every time I'm writing a post here in forums. I don't know whether it's from markup or anything else but this forum just auto formats text abusively. I type plain text as in 99% of the forums, and I notice that every space I type, every number, asterisk, underscore or even enter, changes the whole text dramatically.

    A. It's too intrusive and it doesn't let you write normally formatted text.

    B. There are simply too many rules pertaining too common characters that affect text globally, instead of separate, contained, words.

    C. Instead of keeping things distinct, it mixes formatting up like sizing with indenting, indenting with paragraphing etc.

    D. Being so complex, it has so many bugs:
    1. If you leave a blank line between paragraphs "numbered lists" appear unnumbered. And even if you try to trick it by writing
    numbers yourself in various ways, they get deleted.
    2. Basic features as making text both italic and bold, doesn't work.
    3. It messes up automatic numbering in some cases.
    4. It messes up indenting with spaces or tabs (it just bluntly flattens the paragraphs).
    5. It's not even consistent as mixing underscores and asterisks messes up text formatting.
    6. It also can't mix other characters with URL links (I tried a link like ">here<" and it messed up the whole paragraph).

    E. It doesn't even have basic features like font size or color. There are times when I need to discreetly emphasize or relate characters or words.

    F. I've seen some cases on stack overflow where users had to suggest inelegant workarounds like typing unneeded additional spaces etc.

    I'm not against strict rules, on the contrary - I like to follow the same rules as some community I'm part of (if the rules are consistent and logical as they are strict). But markdown or whatever I'm experiencing here is like a dictatorship gone wrong (if you can imagine blossoming dictatorships).
    So please, if possible, make it optional. For me personally it's so annoying that it discourages me to even post anything.

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