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I am creating a game where you need to swipe to impulse objects. I didn't see any tool to help me with this so I created one.

Swipe Detector is a swipe detection script that monitor screen input (mouse/touch) triggering different signals informing swipe progress or swipe finalization. There are a lot of configurations available to indicate detector when to consider a movement to a swipe or to indicate the precision of the detected swipe curve. On swipe end you will obtain a SwipeGesture object that holds swipe information such as duration, speed, distance (from initial point), points, Curve2D.

I am planning to include some curve detection library (or maybe do it as something separate) so you can verify if a SwipeGesture output matches a specific gesture. Or maybe it can be a separate tool where you can add different gesture expectations (curve, duration, speed) and with trigger signals informing different gesture detection. Please, reply with your ideas!

For documentation and usage see the README.md in repository. See the example folder for examples, there are many of them.

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For last documentation updates, see the README.md in repository.


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