3D water shader

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I've just published on github a simple 3D water shader.
It's GLES2, isn't the best looking water around, but is better than nothing and is free :wink:

I hope it will be useful:

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  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Godot Leader
    Nice! You could add it to the Asset Library if you want: https://godotengine.org/asset-library/

    (Yes, I know, there is no easy way to find this frontend as we haven't announced it officially yet - we're waiting for it to reach beta before we do. But you can use it already and report bugs on GitHub).
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    Based on the description on github I expected to see a refraction in there but it seems you might have meant to say reflection instead(would have been a strange choice to use cubemap for refraction anyways).

    I have used shadergraph to prototype a water shader before, so I can confirm that you could add camera view based refraction to your shader. ;)

    I could share my shadergraph for you to pull apart if you want. I have shared it before but the file was uploaded to the forums back before the forums software was updated so the links are dead now. you know what I'll just go upload it to my google drive right now.

    edit: my graph can be located here(and example of the material parameters setup can be found here).
    For the texture it needs 1 normal map with height in the alpha.
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