IAP and Admob together

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Hi I want to include IAP and AdMob together in my Android game.  I'm going to have Ads and then a one time in-app purchase to remove them.

They both require me to add the following to my games engine.cfg

bluebee's Google Play service module for Android 


and the Google Payment module that comes in the demos:


However, when I add both together, Godot only chooses one and removes the other from Project Settings.

This also happens if I try to add them both in Project settings.

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  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Godot Leader
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    Have you tried using an array?
  • sioncosionco Posts: 40Member
    Yes,but unfortunately it just crashes when I open the app on Android.
  • sioncosionco Posts: 40Member
    I've been testing it and they work individually in the same app, but when I try to use the array, it just crashes. Anyone?
  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Moderator

    You must separate the modules by commas:


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