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There is a font called Fixedsys Regular in windows fonts.  It is .fon in the font folder, so I use font forge to generate a .ttf and a .fnt.  Neither of them work i.e. display in the import preview or within the theme preview.  When I generated a .fnt of Calibri, another font in the Font file in windows 8.1, the font imported and displayed as properly intended both in the font import preview window and in use.  Can anything suggest why this is the case or give it a shot yourself to see if it works for you?  If Fixedsys Regular generates and imports properly, please let me know the steps if you so do experiment.

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    Fixedsys has been in Windows long before Calibri existed (at least since Windows 3). It may use a different format, an earlier version, maybe that's the reason. Converting font formats won't always be smooth because they have a few different capacities. Some fonts will only render properly in a given size (Fixedsys, if I remember correctly was created to be rendered mat size 12 as per Windows defaults).
    Why don't you look for a nice font in sites like dafont (they have a nice filter for fixed fonts)? Imho Fixedsys is not a very attractive fixed font and it is probably tied to some Microsoft license regarding its use.
    If you really want to use Fixedsys be sure to check its license. If it is obtrusive I'm sure there is some free clone alternative. I don't use Windows anymore to check the resemblance, but maybe Fixedsys Excelsior for instance.
    Best of luck!

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    My first thought was perhaps a licensing issue. VT323 is a monospaced 'terminal' style font. Doesn't look great at larger sizes but I don't think many do.

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