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I am working on a 2D space trading, combat and exploration game.
It is set in a single star system. I think this is more realistic, but this way there might be too less to explore, idk. The system is scaled quite large so it takes about 1 to 3 minutes to fly from a planet to the next closest one (depending on the distance as planets are moving).
I have no ideas for a story and such things. A name for the game is missing as well, but it might be better when the name fits to the story.
The ship parts and installed outfits can be disabled seperately. The whole ship can be disabled as well. I want to add boarding, but capturing ships won't be possible as I think it will be difficult to ballance.
The code is quite a mess. I have to clean it up. There are also a lot of features missing. Right now it is not playable.
I want to make the project open source. It will be too much work anyway when I want to make a complete game. I first want to make the game barely playable before uploading it. I should add some comments on the code as well.

2D lighting is used, planets move and rotate etc.
Some screenshots:

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  • zadigzadig Posts: 28Member
    Well, can be not playable yet, but it already looks great. This is one project I'll be following closely to see where it goes. Space exploration by itself is such a nice theme and your work looks very professional so far :).
  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 749Admin
    Looking good. :)

    If you are running out of things for the player to do because you are keeping it within a single solar system(and I agree that might be a good way to go!) then the best way to go might be to develop level instances within the space stations and on planets to let the player land/board and expand the game that way.
  • SuryaSelSuryaSel Posts: 21Member
    Screenies look beautiful man. Could you please show us how it looks when you're on the planet? And how is the multiplayer gonna be...over LAN or Internet?
  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 17Member
    There is no multiplayer planed.
    You can't land on planets, only on space stations right now.
    I am almost finished with the script clean up. A proper name is still missing.
    The gui is very simple. I'll have to think about it.
    I want to show a picture on the landing screen, but I haven't figured out where to get the images from.

    I added civil ships and patroling police ships that spawn randomly and pirates are able to attack them.

    I also implemented boarding of disabled ships. Because I use RigidBody2D for ships they can collide with each other. Therefore I added grappling hooks to dock on disabled ships. Cargo and outfits are looted randomly during the battle.

  • quickmind2020quickmind2020 Posts: 27Member
    Wow looks great to me! I now really want to play it :)

  • RossRoss Posts: 199Member
    Nice! One of the most pro looking Godot project's I've seen. The UI is pretty tight, but I think that's not unexpected in this sort of game. You could condense the top bars by putting the numbers inside the bar and dropping the "structure", "energy", "temp" titles since the icons can show that information. A little more line spacing in the text lists would be nice too. I used to play EV:Override a bunch. It would be pretty cool to see another game like that, maybe with better combat.
  • AvencherusAvencherus Posts: 49Member

    Very nice looking game, look forward to seeing more.

  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 17Member
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    I haven't found a name yet, but I uploaded the source code now to GitHub:
    It is still not really playable. You can trade (way too imbalanced), buy new ships, get attacked by pirates in the asteroid belt, board disabled ships. Most sounds are missing, no missions right now as well. Outfits are imbalanced.

  • RossRoss Posts: 199Member
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    Interesting, thanks for making it open source! It's always cool to see how other people do things. Are you interested in people reporting issues on github for this? For me it was quite buggy and crashed a few times. It seems like there's quite a lot of content already, even if it's not very balanced. It was mostly some awkward interface issues and crashing that stopped me from playing it more, not the actual gameplay content or missing features.

    How long have you spent on this so far? It seems like a ton of work.

  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 17Member

    I know the interface is not good right now. I haven't spend many thoughts on it, neither tested the game well. I guess there are a lot of bugs. When issues are reported I will look at them instead of adding more content.

    @Ross said:
    How long have you spent on this so far? It seems like a ton of work.

    I'm not sure. Most of the assets I made before I started work on this game.

  • MutosMutos Posts: 8Member

    Hi Unnamed,

    I'm trying to make something similar, but in 3D with realistic distances. I already did something in 2D, as a TC to open-source game NAEV. I just discovered Godot and it seems a good try for that, what you did confirms it. I would like to inspire and borrow some of the things you did, notably for the UI, of course crediting you for it. Is this OK for you ?

  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 17Member

    Yes, of course.
    There are not many comments in the code. Just ask me if something is unclear.

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