Error: Known incorrect sRGB profile

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This is happening to me in the newest stable version of Godot.  Whatever the previous version was the error doesn't occur, but when I try to use the newer version to profile my game performance, this error occurs and, naturally, ends up screwing with performance readout.  Any ideas?  It is pointing to different alpha channel .png files in the GUI script


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    Check out

    They "upgraded" to a newer version of Libpng, and the bozos who make that decided that they don't like the default color profile that everyone uses, so it gives you errors. It may give you an error for every single .png you use. If you scroll down to the bottom of that issue on github there's a link to the docs where the give some ways to "fix" it. I think they just remove the ICC profile. Or you can do it with photoshop or maybe GIMP.

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    And whats wrong with my Spyder 4 Pro calibrated sRGB profile? :smiley:

    To be fair I haven't ran into the problem yet...
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