Lost in the 3d Viewer, Can't find Origin

1000h1000h Posts: 133Member
Is there some hotkey I don't see that will center the viewer to the origin or some method to do so?  I cannot find the origin and while I guess it doesn't COMPLETELY matter, it would be nice to have my viewer centered on the green grid, but I am lost in space.


  • razvanc-rrazvanc-r Posts: 84Member
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    Well, I don't know how to get to the origin (should probably ask for an implementation) but you can select one of your 3D objects (I'm guessing you want to find your objects... :D) and press 'F'. That's the shortcut for 'focus', it will bring the view to the object location
  • 1000h1000h Posts: 133Member
    Thanks for answering, what I realized I could do was just increase the view distance until I saw an axis line and then zoom in from there.  
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