does anyone tried to export 3d application on Android with Godot 2.1?

LambertoLamberto Posts: 2Member
I'm trying to figure out what's happening here, Godot 2.0 exported Android application runs just fine, now, the same project exported with new stable Godot 2.1 does not show up model's textures. It seems it can't handle anymore TEX images because if I substitute TEX images with PNG images the textures return to show up.


  • LambertoLamberto Posts: 2Member
    well, after several trials, I believe I found the problem, it's not the TEX itself but the kind of compression it has. TEX compressed in PNG or WEBP is shown fine, but TEX compressed in VRAM isn't shown at all.

  • syskranksyskrank Posts: 8Member
    Just to confirm: I'veI tried to export the 3D platformer example project with all the default settings. Some textures are missing on my device too.
  • djleodjleo Posts: 3Member
    1. Create folder platassets in project directory.
    2. Open tiles.xcf in Gimp and export it: platassets/texture.png
    3. Reimport it to texture.tex as a 2d texture
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