Is there anyway to access engine errors from gdscript?

bitwesbitwes Posts: 64Member
When I run my game, I get errors like "already connect" or "already has parent".  Is there anyway to find out what errors have occurred from within my game?


  • zadigzadig Posts: 28Member
    Honestly I can't say for SURE, but it is not a good programming practice anyway IF you are speaking of the console output - debug builds are ok, but releases will lack the console output.
    Anyway, it is really hard to give a better answers not knowing more about the context of your project. I don't know if you are trying to deal with errors in a "try / catch" way.
  • bitwesbitwes Posts: 64Member
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    I wanted to be able to detect them in my unit testing tool.  Up visibility by making tests fail if there's an engine error.  If you run the tool through the editor, and not the command line you don't see the errors.  You can also run the tests on a device and you would only be able to see the console output while connected to the device.
  • bitwesbitwes Posts: 64Member
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    I'm guessing not, so I'm going to close this.

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