Globally setting draw distance

BerfandilBerfandil Posts: 35Member
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Hey all!

Is there a way to set the draw distance of all the MeshInstances together?
Or should I write a script to set it? In that case, is there a function that returns an array of all the objects (or even better, only the MeshInstances) in my whole scene?

But if there is no shorter way, I will write a script that travels all across my scene tree and does what I need.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • SamSam Posts: 13Member
    Answer ✓
    You can do it with a script. Another solution would be to change the camera far value, depending on what you want to do.

    I have a similar problem currently I the best solution was to do it manually (that way you control exactly how it looks). A small object can be discarded at a relatively short distance while a big one like a building should be visible with a bigger distance.
  • BerfandilBerfandil Posts: 35Member
    Thank you, changing the camera far value did the trick. ;)
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