Please Read! How to use the forum(Categories, Tags, Questions, Discussions, etc).

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**The editor part is currently half-way outdated, given that a new Markdown editor is in place, it will be updated soon.

Questions & Discussion

Every new post on this forum can be either a Question or a Discussion, the difference is obvious, but from a functionality stand point, the question is the one you can mark as answered.
Questions should be used for well... questions, anything that can possible have a solution.
Discussions on the other hand are for when you want to talk about something, like presenting a project, or sharing a tutorial, etc. You are free to decide what to classify you post as, but we recommend that questions be marked as such and discussions be left for everything else. Either way don't mark your threads as [Solved], use the question system if you require that type of interaction, and contact me or any mod if any assistance is needed.
Also, if you end up answering your own question, don't edit the main post. Post the answer in a new comment below your original post/question and mark the comment as the answer.


Yep that's right, it's a hashtag, it's in essence a search term that you can include in your posts. When the user clicks it it will search for every post that has the same hashtag, that way everyone can connect, just like in a social network.
Use them lightly and carefully, but they are there for your own expression.
Also, please avoid using the above hashtag, that one is reserved for forum instructions, like this post.


Categories make the bulk of what the forum is about, each category has it's own generic section of developing with Godot that it relates to.
Please observe all available categories before posting.
Programming for instance deals with subjects that relate to every language, networking, connecting things through code in the editor.
Basically it's the generic category relating to how to do things with Godot, since everything in Godot involves some for of programming. If you want something more specific please visit the 2D or 3D section, which do demand their own categories, or even Shaders.
Resources is a place to post tools, assets and editor themes that you wanna share with the community, be sure to use tags.
Also, in the Home Page, the general categories list, there is a cog beside the category name, there you can mark a category as "read" and also "hide" it. Hiding it means it will not show in your default filter which is "followed categories", you can alternate to "all categories" and unhide it.


Tags are like subcategories, they are a way for you to specify which content your post actually has, please use all the tags that apply to your discussion in question. If you would like to know which tags can be applied to a certain post click on "show available tags", as explained below.
You have a limit of 10 tags per discussion, but that should be more than enough.
On the General Chat category, be sure to tags your posts as "Off-Topic" if they are.
The "Released" or "W.I.P." tags should only be used for game projects in the Projects category.
The Languages tag is for multi-language support/translations-related questions, and the translation efforts In the the Library category.
The platform tags are important to pinpoint your specific focus.


Now finally, how do we go about doing all of that elegantly with the new WYSIWYG editor?
Here is the editor:

The category, title, post, draft, preview and cancel are clear on what they do, but about the others:

First, about text styling, as with word editors, to avoid setting and unsetting of each of these options, what i recommend is that you type your text, then later on select the text that you want, and apply the style that you'd like, only to it.
  1. Font styling, here you can set Bold, Italic, and Strike-through.
  2. Here you can set bullets or ordered lists, again its more effective to type then select and apply.
  3. This is a handy tool, here you can set 3 different sizes of fonts, you click on them its set, you click on them again it unsets. You can also set code, quote and spoiler. Code does what you would expect, quote overvalues the text like in regular code(be careful here), and spoiler hides the content until someone clicks on it.
  4. The smiley button holds only a small list of smiley, in order to see all smileys type " : " then type a letter like s, and a list will pop-up with available smileys that relate to that, almost every letter calls new smileys and the + sign calls this one :+1: .
  5. Likes are simple, click there, post the link and apply it to the text.
  6. You can drag n' drop files in the post, browse your file system, or upload your image files to your favorite img host, and copy the "Direct Link" in the img url entry, only the Direct Link will work. After copying it there, click on the post and it will show up as if you had uploaded it.**
  7. Text alignment in all its glory.
  8. Html editing* currently not available or needed since we moved to a markdown editor.

Now about number 9, if you click on 'show available tags', a list of all available tags will pop up for you to choose and apply to your post. Please select the ones that apply, don't abuse it, use it to help categorize your post, that helps interested parties find your discussion, which in turn helps you. You have a maximum of 10, as previously stated.

Hope you guys like the new mechanics.

Happy posting and have fun!

**Only direct links will work with the img url button, the "Add Images" button is a built-in way to upload to Imgur. Gifs will always require a direct link or similar since the forum file uploader shifts it to a static img. Using the "Add Images" button or a standard Imgur link will also preserve the gifs, and giphy has been shown to work(provided a direct link is used).

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