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Good day, comrades.<br />Please forgive me for my bad english but maybe somebody can help to solve my small (or big) trouble. <br />So, i create tilemap in Godot:<br />1. I create new scene, add Node as parent, add sprites and attach NavPoly2D to each sprite. Then I create NavPoly and convert scene to Tileset .res<br />2. In base scene i add Navigation2D Node and create TileMap to child, and it's doesn't work. <br />I read and learn @batmanasb';s example, but my project doesn't work, i found out pathfinding in my project worked only in one tile radius.<br />3. I think reason of my trouble in stack of polygon, but how create accurate polygon through pen tool? Maybe is there another way?<br />or maybe I missed some details when create tilemap?<br /><br />Please, help me :D


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    You can try to edit the polygon coords on the Inspector, click on the ">" symbol right next to the "Polygon" value. If you make the polygon accurate it should work I believe.
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    As far as I know, everything that is not a sprite, a collision body or a collision shape will be lost during the convertion to Tileset :/
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    Turn on snap, redit your polygon to match the corners of your tile, and then the navigation will 'tile' together.

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