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Hi Team<br /><br />I know there is a simple set of answers for the following, I just cant find the answer in the docs....<br /><br />I want to see the status of a checkbox, to see if it is checked or unchecked - I just dont know the command.<br /><br />I am assuming it would be something like "get_node("/root/panel/checkbox").get_status()"  <br /><br />So Godot gurus, what are the magical codes to get and set the status of a checkbox?<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Mark


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    Update:<br /><br />I have worked around the issue by linking the Toggle event to the panel and via script and a Dictionary/Array combination I log when toggle events happen. This way I only need to refer to the dictionary/array combo to find the status.<br /><br />Hope this helps others
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    <br />See:
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    yes, though that just triggers an 'is pressed' event, not an on or off status, which is why I changed my method of handling it as mentioned above ;)
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    No, is_pressed() returns true, when the checkbox is checked and false when it's not.
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