lightmap problem after export on android

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The lightbaking works well on PC but when I export on android a scene with a gridmap on which I made a lightbaking, level no longer appears! (Only after mobile compilation). I tested several lightmap configurations, but the problem is still there. <br />Someone would have a solution? thank you !


  • LOICLOIC Posts: 34Member
    I finally found the solution with Blender and baking lightmaps with the cycle, the procedure is slightly longer but the result is quite usable and light in mobile context. If other users are interested, I would do a little tutorial !
  • egandaraegandara Posts: 4Member
    I think that the problem could be that you didn't saved the lightmap bake texture.<br />Anyways. Did the light baking worked properly? I tried it several times and the results have been always awful .<br />I think it's broken, but there's no much information about
  • LOICLOIC Posts: 34Member
    Yes indeed I could not save the lightmaps, I had to stay on octree map (I sought the solution on the web but without finding).<br />It is true, compared to the rendering of Blender Cycle, the godot global light rendering is not wonderful... Anyway, create the level and make the lightmaps in Blender with a UV2 is realy a good solution ! :)
  • egandaraegandara Posts: 4Member
    I know, but, I'd like to bake the maps inside the engine as I do in Unreal Engine,because if you change something then you have to bake all the maps again and it sucks he he
  • LOICLOIC Posts: 34Member
    Absolutely ! I have composed a shader in blender cycle which simplifies the backing and (re) export to godot process in few clicks. If this interests you, I can post a screenshot of it, and how use it ?
  • Wowww i'm beaking my head! LOIC how you did? you made a tutorial? I don't found nothing about bake light, so many try, error, try... :(

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