Godot Export Manager won't work with Blender v2.77

CrissCriss Posts: 10Member
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Hi There<br /><br />Can anyone help me? The "Godot Export Manager v2.5" won't work with Blender v2.77 nor Blender v2.5.


  • MarkMark Posts: 16Member
    Can you be more specific?<br /><br />I have Blender 2.77a and it can export meshes etc to Godot 2.0.3.\<br /><br />AFAIK the Godot Export Manager is to create the application for the various platforms/OS's and has little/nothing to do with Blender.<br /><br />Looking forward to your response<br /><br />Mark
  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 306Member
    Hi,<br />Download there : http://www.godotengine.org/download<br />-Better Collada Exporter<br />
  • CrissCriss Posts: 10Member
    The target is to Export from Blender and import in Godot Engine.<br /><br />How can i import a blender-model with textures etc. When i import in Godot, it has no textures, uv maps etc. only the naked 3d model.<br /><br />And the Godot Export Manager won't work like in the Video, in blender. i have no such options like in the Video.<br /><br />sorry for my english.
  • GokudomaticGokudomatic Posts: 70Member
    Criss, you should maybe first make an export with copying images (be sure to use the "better collada exporter" instead of the standard collada exporter). This will make the proper structure. Then, if like me you use a different format for the files ( I have .dds in blender but I used .webp in godot), don't export the images anymore and instead copy the images you want in this new folder. And then change the filenames in the generated .dae file.<br />For me, it definitely works.
  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 306Member
    Ok,I've created a simple bridge, and export to Godot engine...simple and smooth :)... thanks collada :)<br />EBridge01.jpg
  • CrissCriss Posts: 10Member
    Ok, thanks! I give it a try.  G:
  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 306Member
    And yet....the recommended steps before you export G:<br />Rse01.jpg<br />
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