Where to find more tutorials

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If you know of any tutorials that should be added to the list here in OP please post them below! Got some ideas on how to better order the list? Let me know below! Most important of all however, if you are an author of a tutorial, and you don't want your tutorial listed here, please do feel free to PM me and the post will be edited.

For the time being the best place to find a list of tutorials is likely Godot Engine by Andre Antonio Schmitz, non the less I will try to collect here links as well. After all, even though there's likely going to be some 'double posting' - however better to have many aggregates than all of a sudden find that a site has gone down(or what ever else could happen) and tutorials becoming all of a sudden hard to find. With that said...

Series(both text and video):
Blogs, Wiki's & misc.:


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