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[size=10pt] If you know of any tutorials that should be added to the list here in OP please post them below! Got some ideas on how to better order the list? Let me know below! Most important of all however, if you are an author of a tutorial, and you don't want your tutorial listed here, please do feel free to PM me and the post will be edited.[/size]
For the time being the best place to find a list of tutorials is likely Godot Engine by Andre Antonio Schmitz, non the less I will try to collect here links as well. After all, even though there's likely going to be some 'double posting' - however better to have many aggregates than all of a sudden find that a site has gone down(or what ever else could happen) and tutorials becoming all of a sudden hard to find. With that said...

Series(both text and video):
Games from scratch features probably the best known series on Godot at the time of this post. Each Tutorial offers a choice: text as well as video.[/li]
[li]Our own forum member vinod777 has a blog that features a 2D game tutorial.[/li]
[li]Space Blaster 84 by FOSS365 on youtube[/li]
[li]Andreas Esau's series on youtube is also well worth checking out(variety of subjects).[/li]
[li]Three part series entitled Meeting the nodes by reduz, more of a lecture in format, but very valuable information. And not everyday you get to learn from an engine developer.[/li]
[li]Breakout clone by HeartBeast on youtube[/li]
[li]Flappy bird clone by Angega Studios on youtube[/li]
[li]Nuno Donato has a series on using godot and blender 3d together.[/li]
[li]Godot 101: Learning the Godot Game Engine and Space Rocks! - A complete game in Godot by KidsCanCode on youtube[/li]

Blogs, Wiki's & misc.:
    [li]There's a 'godot engine tutorials' blog that as of now features a single tutorial on

[li]Gokudomatic has a very thorough Kinematic FPS controller demo/tutorial on his github repo.[/li]

[li]godotengine.de features a wiki with a couple of tutorials:
Create a path and follow it[/li]
[li]How to create Savegames[/li]


[li]vinod777's blog seems to also feature some individual tutorials:
Resolution Switcher Plugin for Godot[/li]
[li]Using HTTPClient in Godot[/li]
[li]Movement and Rotation basics[/li]


[li]Shin-NiL's blog features a couple of tutorials on ad-service integration:
Using AdMob[/li]
[li]Using Appodeal[/li]



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