How to use PinJoints (2d)

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Basically I want to make a little tail sprite (rigid body), that I could attach to another rigid body. It should follow the rotation of this rigid body, but should also be stopped by the collision shape on its own rotation.<br />I thought, I could do something like that with the PinJoint2D, but I don't get it really.<br />Does anyone know how this works or how I could do such a thing?<br /><br />I made a little test project, where you can rotate the player. The mass of the tail is very low, because I don't want it to drag the player, but it moves weird and the two bodies move through each other.

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  • deldel Posts: 20Member
    Ok, I think it works for me now. ;D<br />The rigid bodies, which are pinned together, don't collide with each other. So I've made a separate object, which copies the global transform of the player and pinned the tail to it.
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