Ninja Run

ShadowScoutShadowScout Posts: 4Member
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Hi there,

I've released my very first Godot game.

It's an endless runner where everything, except the starting platform, ist randomly generated.

So the experience of every run is different.

Jump, run and fight your enemies with katana, shurrikens or with your iron fists.

You can find all versions here:

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  • toger5toger5 Posts: 39Member
    Really cool game. I just tried it, can recommend it.<br />One Thing. The different background layers are moving equally fast. This confuses me. you may could make the layers in the back slower.
  • ShadowScoutShadowScout Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for your feedback.<br /><br />I'll try to slow it down a bit.
  • zendorfzendorf Posts: 9Member
    Nice work! I tried the Linux version and it ran quite well on my old laptop. Very hard game and I only managed to get about 200m on my best attempt...but I am useless at endless runners  ;)<br /><br />If you do a point revision, it would be good to see the weapon work even if there is no enemy. Initially I didn't think the spacebar was doing anything, since you can't see it work if there is no enemy in front of you. Would also be better if the difficulty level ramped up gradually over time.
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