ImageLoader Setting

tinkyxtinkyx Posts: 5Member
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Hi<br /><br />Is this setting used during importing images into project or during game runtime?<br /><br />regards<br />


  • BinaryOrangeBinaryOrange Posts: 235Member
    It will affect both the game in its released state and the game when you are developing it inside of Godot.
  • tinkyxtinkyx Posts: 5Member
    If I do not import image such as PNG but directly copy into project folder, will the setting affect those too?
  • BinaryOrangeBinaryOrange Posts: 235Member
    In my experience, which is only about four weeks' time at the moment, if you change the image that you load in the editor, you have to reset some of the flags (seems to be a bug). So I can't say for sure if that would work. <br /><br />I assume you want to load images in via code and that's why you just want them in the res:// folder?
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