Three Hungry Mice

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This is the game I made for the Godot Engine Jam. It's a Breakout game with mice and cheese.
It was the first time I dared to make a game for a jam and of course I couldn't do everything I wanted before the deadline. (but much more, than I thought I could do - the jam was awesome, I learned so much in such a short time (for me ))
So now I'm trying to finish this little game. At the moment I'm working mainly on the graphics, but than I'll make a few more levels and hopefully a highscore system (I'll have to learn that) and some extra gimmicks.

New in this "after jam version" are mainly the title graphics and some additional music and improved sounds. Akien suggested to me a jump mechanic, so I tried to make one (it's not quite how I wanted it to be yet) and I also added a simple combo system. I think the game is with this changes already much more fun than the first version.

You can download it here or look at the source

For the controls:
You can move the two mice (with the trampoline) with your (computer) mouse. If you click left or right, you can tilt the trampoline. If you click both, you can let the mice hold the trampoline a little lower and when you release the mouse buttons, the mice will take the trampoline back up. (Doing this right before the flying mouse hits the trampoline will give it extra speed)
The rest is very simple Breakout with cheese - get the cheese and don't hit the ground!
There is still only the one level, but more will come.

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