Dusk And The Infinity Hole

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Just a game im working on, it's gonna be a Bunch of Different genres put together

It's going to be Grid based, Turn based,Adventure, Arcade game, with inspiration from games such as

>RTS Games
>Tetris for the Gameboy with the little archeologist man
>Old arcade games
>And A Few others i cant remember as of writing this

So Basically you play as my character "Kitty"(Who's a cat) Who was playing Archeologist (Cause well, he's a kid), and Suddenly (entering his imagination) The earth opens up underneath him And he falls under the earth's Crust and Your Goal is to get to the top, This is when the "Infinity Hole" Comes into play because You're never quiiiiite able to get to the top~

Comments, Questions and Sudgestions are Encouraged~

Here's a current screenshot of my progress so far (Things are subject to change as i work on it)


Some more updates:


Workin on the snaaaaail Monster >.> Making shells so i can have a bunch of snails for you to avoid and stuff


Finished the Snail Monster, Added More to the side panel and reorganized, Changed text to make it easier to look at and Added Panel Window To Show Character Emotions.

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