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Please read the rules and #instructions below, by posting in this forum you are agreeing to them and acknowledge that you are bound by them, failure to comply will result in account termination. You've been warned.

     The number one master rule we always have in life is use your common sense, if you simply do that, don't falsify who you are and behave in a respectful manner towards others, you should be fine.

Now for the long version:
  1. No illicit material, warez, nudity or any mention of illegal activity will be tolerated in this forum, please observe the law.
  2. Legacy Keep signatures to a reasonable size, if you want to express yourself do so without taking up everyone else's space.
  3. Do not spam, or create multiple threads with the same topic, threads that relate to nothing, etc. Posting for the sake of trying to increase your number of posts will also be considered spam, be warned!
  4. You are only allowed one account per person, your account is personal and nontransferable, be aware of that when creating a new account.
  5. Do not post any copyrighted or trademarked material without a permission to do so. This is a serious forum for a game development engine, please respect the laws that govern international trade and publishing.
  6. Be mindful of your words and links, do not post offensive material. Anything that may offend a person's creed, morality, religion, age(children may also access this board!), etc. There is no need to be excessive, so be advised.
    In case the above is not clear enough, don't swear or curse, you will be banned!
  7. Do not hijack threads, or troll, or impersonate a mod, or threaten a user, etc.
    Behave respectfully to the environment you are in and its context.
  8. Also, be careful when quoting other people, impersonating them or changing their original statement might be considered an offense.
  9. Don't use the flagging function for anything other than reporting issues/abuses. If you need something you can pm a mod, or post in the meta section if it concerns the whole forum.
  10. All of the forum rules also apply to your account names, do not use special characters in the name, only letters and numbers. Plus, member names cannot be irregular sequences like "xtvjxk123456", or anything of that sort. Names in breach of these rules may lead to account deletion. Also, please be advised that names have to be real names with meaning and, as stated above, not just symbols.
  11. Please note that as per the registration agreement, we require every user to supply a valid email, for communication purposes.
  12. Don't double post or re-thread or anything like that, each post has it's own category and that must be respected. Any attempt at duplicating content will lead to that content being removed.
  13. Do not mass-message people about offers or requests for work, this will be considered spam and may result in an instant ban. Instead post your offer or request for work in the appropriate category.
Posts only in English.

  • Stay on topic.
  • Post in the correct forum category, and be mindful of the usage of tags.
  • If you happen to post in the "wrong" category, don't just leave your post there, pm a mod and ask it to be moved and it will be moved as soon as possible.
  • Add detail to your questions/posts.
  • Try to express yourself clearly.
  • Please avoid using [brakcets!!!] or (parenthesis) in your titles, use tags when needed. Specially inside the projects category.
  • Post titles, specially in the projects category, ought to be as minimal as possible and to the point.
  • Finally, don't using ALL CAPS, there are other, less excessive ways to call attention to your words.
  • If your Question has been answered, please mark it as "answered", so everyone will know.
  • In the same vein, don't add [Solved] to any post, use the question-answer system instead.
  • Search before you post!

Also, if you can, please report problematic posts and offensive content via the "flag" button on the top right of each comment.

Please be advised that anything stated above is subject to change without warning, and most importantly any moderating decision is final regardless of being stated in the above rule-set or not.

Finally, respect each other and have fun. :)


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    Rule #13 added on March 15th, 2018:

    Do not mass-message people about offers or requests for work, this will be considered spam and may result in an instant ban. Instead post your offer or request for work in the appropriate category.

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