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  • problem build to MacOSX

    Yes, is still an issue with 64 bits mode.
    I continue trying and accepting tips, but more relaxed.

  • problem build to MacOSX

    Please, don't create two topics with the same content.

    About your issue, did you try to export to macOSX32 or Fat?

  • Cubemap reflections (cubic environment mapping)

    It seems like every other game engine has this built-in by now, so here's a cubemap reflection shader written in Godot's shading language. It makes things really shiny.

    I just took GlaDOSik's original shader and used some magic math to make it so the only necessary parameter is the actual cubemap.
    // -- VERTEX SHADER -- //

    //Based on:
    //By GlaDOSik with help from romulox_x (
    //Shader-based camera position by fluffrabbit with help from falsaber and Hiesetsu

    vec4 invcamx = INV_CAMERA_MATRIX.x;
    vec4 invcamy = INV_CAMERA_MATRIX.y;
    vec4 invcamz = INV_CAMERA_MATRIX.z;
    vec4 invcamw = INV_CAMERA_MATRIX.w;

    vec3 CameraPosition = * mat3(,, );

    vec3 vertexW = WORLD_MATRIX * SRC_VERTEX; //vertex from model to world space
    vec3 N = normalize(WORLD_MATRIX * vec4(SRC_NORMAL.x, SRC_NORMAL.y, SRC_NORMAL.z, 0.0)).xyz; //normal from model space to world space
    vec3 I = normalize(vertexW - CameraPosition); //incident vector (from camera to vertex)
    vec3 R = reflect(I, N); //reflection vector (from vertex to cube map)
    R.z *= -1; = R;

    // -- FRAGMENT SHADER -- //

    uniform cubemap cube;
    color envColor = texcube(cube,;
    DIFFUSE =;

    Attached are an example project and a Blender file to generate a cubemap.

  • How do you make lasers exactly?

    (For 2D lasers)

    The texture can be a cross-section of the laser beam, and you just scale it in one direction so it's as long as you need it to be. Then, if you don't want it to have a sharp cutoff, you place end textures at either end. So, basically a 9-slice texture.

    If you set the sprite offset so its origin is at one end, you can simply scale it. If it's origin is in the center, just calculate the center point and set its position every frame that it's active.

    For the mechanics: Do a ray cast from your gun muzzle to some maximum range point. Get the distance between the muzzle and the hit point (or the max range point if there is no hit), and scale the texture based on that distance. You'll get a hit object from the raycast, so you can do damage to that. If you want it to pass through things and hit multiple objects, I've used an Area2D that's also scaled to length, and apply damage to anything in the area.

  • How to create classic 2D platformer game without hacking engine?

    I wanted to make classic 2D platformer, but basic Godot approach on this doesn't seem to feet. Everything seems to be RigidBody oriented here, which isn't exactly what I would like to get. Classic games like Super Mario Bros, Castlevania or any other modern platformers like Super Meat Boy where made without usage of super powerfull physics engine. There is a lot of problems that has to be hacked if you want to make such game with collision shapes etc. To me it should be always tilebased etc. Is there anyone here who already tried to implement something similar in Godot? On one hand godot is promoted as the best engine for 2D games on the market, but on the other one, I don't know how to deal with it according to this classic and very common problem.
    Thanks in advance =]

  • The Docs don't seem to mention this great feature

    Posting this in case more people never noticed this: when you select a tile (sprite), that button down there shows up!

    I never noticed it until a while ago. It makes my life so much easier.

  • Question About PathFollow2D

    Setting "1.1" in the animation didn't work for me, but I ended up putting a modified version of your script on the Path2D node and it works pretty nicely. Kind of better anyway, as it makes it easier for me to adjust the speed and direction in one place. Thanks!

  • 15 questions at once. Please help a man in worry.

    no problem, i'll make this tonight redRUM

  • Camera DOF (Depth of Field) not working?

    Depth of Field is currently not implemented in Godot, but it will surely be in Godot 3.0 along with the new renderer (which will use physically-based rendering by the way).

  • Community Game?

    A word of warning, online group projects are notorious for falling apart after a couple weeks and not constructing anything. Often times they consist of people new to the game development pipeline who are convinced they have great ideas. Unless you know somebody with experience making games first hand who would agree to set a schedule to work with you, generally the best way to start is to go at it on your own. If you live in a city you may have interest groups and meetups of game developers you could speak with and learn from. If you haven’t already I would recommend you watch the Youtube channel Extra Credits. They have some excellent videos on what to aim for and how to plan out your first games.

    Edit: If you haven’t heard of a Game Jam you may be interested in that. Its a sort of public group event where people team together and make a game in a few days time (changes depending where you go). You can find a lot about it online. I belive Godot held one for a period of one month just recently though I haven’t looked into that one.