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  • FireBase android module

    Update: GodotFireBase now has Google & Facebook authentication.

    Get it now

  • How do I "trigger once" or "one shot" in Gdscript?

    @alextro said:
    Another question; Is that the only way to execute the command? What if I only need to press a key then force it executed command only once until the key released.

    Godot 3.0 onwards will have Input.is_action_just_pressed() and Input.is_action_just_released(), which will allow triggering code just once after a key is pressed or released.

  • How do I "trigger once" or "one shot" in Gdscript?

    Yes. You'll use CONNECT_ONESHOT in the signal you're using to trigger some action.

    For example, if you're waiting for a signal called call_action from a node that you defined in a variable called emitter in the node who'll see that signal, you'll do:

    emitter.connect("call_action", self, "_function_to_call", [], CONNECT_ONESHOT)

    That'll call the _function_to_call when the emitter sends the call_action signal, and then the CONNECT_ONESHOT will automaticaly disconnect that signal from the node.

    If you need more information about signals, take a look at this:

    Hope it helps :)

  • [Beginner] VisibilityNotifier / VisibilityNotifier2D ► Nodes in Godot Engine

    Time to nail down the VisibilityNotifier2D!
    This node is very useful for handling bullets leaving your scene.

    Instead of simply printing a message, you can use queue_free() to make the cannon ball (bullet) remove itself from the scene tree :D

    **Worth mentioning;
    **The process of using it for the 3D version ("VisibilityNotifier") is more or less the same.

  • Unity's new price structure and how it affects Godot

    It could, but I'm not that optimistic about it, if Adobe is anything to go by. When Adobe announced their CC only offering, there were plenty of mad people on their forums and elsewhere, who were skeptical that paying forever just to use a software tool was a good idea (and because of things like price hikes, and no incentive to offer useful features because they're going to get paid anyways). Some of those fears were not completely unfounded, but in the end, the skeptical people didn't exactly make that much of a dent in Adobe's pockets--sure they're probably still not using Photoshop, and I don't doubt a few of them managed to find other programs like Krita, except that Krita has more specialization than Photoshop, so that leaves a few other PS users looking for something else (eg, if you're not using PS for digital painting). The other problem is that this generally only affects freelancers and hobbyists--companies who have more money and need to rely on something dependable rather than affordable won't see the point in using free software, especially if they think it's anything at all like GIMP (and some hobbyists don't even bother to give other free software tools a chance because they think it will be like GIMP as well). And people looking to get hired by these companies won't be putting free software tools on their resume either.

    Don't get me wrong; I'd love it if people woke up and realized the implications of renting software tools rather than having the choice to own your tools forever or choose when or if you want to upgrade them, but there's just too many people and groups at this point who think they either don't need the switch or don't consider the free software alternatives to be adequate for their needs, and won't even try it. We do still need to convince them that it's worth it; not rely on the fact that some other big software company has decided to do a rental only model. It can help start people looking elsewhere, but it's not going to have as large an impact as it sounds like it could.
  • Towns of the Dead

    Hello !

    I present my new mobile game made with Godot (and other free tools like Krita, Blender or LMMS). After 5 months of full-time work, the game will soon be available on google play.

    Now, there are only a handful of survivors left behind and the hordes of zombies have invaded the streets of our cities, you are alone in the night ...

    Your mission, capture the first contaminated human being and bring it back so that a vaccine is developed. Now, the hopes of all mankind rest on you !

    ¤ An action game in which your reflexes will be put to the test in tortuous urban levels.

    ¤ Regularly find the weapons and item dealer, and choose from 12 weapons like the double shotgun, the flamethrower or the famous gatling gun!

    ¤ A scenario and dialogues worthy of an old zombie film!

    ¤ A stuning gaming environment, entirely realized in 3D.

    ¤ Play for free and no additional purchases in the game!

    Here are some images taken from the first level, other images and a trailer will follow before the release of the game!

  • FireBase android module

    Here's our stripped version of FireBase (Analytics, Notification, RemoteConfig, Invites) mobule for android.

    Firebase Basic Notification is available, need more leave a comment.

  • Godot Engine GameJolt API Plugin

    Hi everyone!

    I work on a game that I plan on releasing on GameJolt (it's a site that hosts indie games). It has a very nice achievement system, scoreboards and cloud storage. In the process I created a script that can be used to communicate with the GameJolt API that I've turned into a plugin and decided to share with the community. :)

    It has most of the API but still lacks features so it's still WIP and will be improved. Hope someone finds it useful.

    GitHub - plugin download and documentation

  • Community Game?

    A word of warning, online group projects are notorious for falling apart after a couple weeks and not constructing anything. Often times they consist of people new to the game development pipeline who are convinced they have great ideas. Unless you know somebody with experience making games first hand who would agree to set a schedule to work with you, generally the best way to start is to go at it on your own. If you live in a city you may have interest groups and meetups of game developers you could speak with and learn from. If you haven’t already I would recommend you watch the Youtube channel Extra Credits. They have some excellent videos on what to aim for and how to plan out your first games.

    Edit: If you haven’t heard of a Game Jam you may be interested in that. Its a sort of public group event where people team together and make a game in a few days time (changes depending where you go). You can find a lot about it online. I belive Godot held one for a period of one month just recently though I haven’t looked into that one.

  • Bishop's art

    Recently I created a character in Blender and import to Godot.
    Concept art is created with Krita.